Justin Bernhardt



Buoyancy Crimson Creek Cosmic Current Pressure Floating Light Light Lines Wood Creek
Aglow Woods Reflections Blue Reverie Pressure Light Rhythms Electric Pool Through
Green Marsh In-Between Bending Current Pressure Golden Waves Cross-Curve Scattered Light
Color Stream Inscribed Light Ice Reflections Australian Creek Beneath the Surface Blue Reflections 2 Emerald Pool
Symmetrical Synapse Symmetrees Organism Stream Shadow Liquid Light Light Dance Amber Creek
Light Swirl Emenate Sky Shift Rock Flow Ground Spin Rock Reflectionss Serenedipity
Water Roots Reflected Gesture Golden Creek Leaf and Sky Energy Pulse Stream's Edge Golden Marsh
Seeds of Calm Pattern Pool Adrift Hovering Light River Reflectiong Dash and Swirl Shimmer Curve
Rolling stream Ripple Reflection Stream Dance Circling Waters Cool Stream Eb and Flow Spleckled Stream

Artist Statement

My paintings reflect on the nature of light, water, substance and the possibilities of human perception. Water is receptive, healing, and life giving. I use a high gloss surface to give the sense of looking through layers, giving added depth, and creating a filter that simulates the properties of water. The reflective potential of water can echo the human psyche, which mirrors and resonates with the universe around and within. The inherent movement and refraction of light on water can be a microcosm for the ever changing, vibrant flow of life.

An ecological awareness saturates my work, as I closely study the interactions between creeks, wetlands, trees, atmosphere, and light. Our energetic interconnectedness binds the forces of my work and I seek to communicate that interdependence to provoke a layered fascination and respect for the natural world and the human experience. As the earth, the cosmos, and ourselves shimmer in constant flux, I attempt to find calmness and comfort in that ever changing predicament, perhaps touching on an eternal state that creates and maintains harmony and balance.

Our perception is what connects us with the outside world; and that perception can move beyond the five senses into the realms of the mind and emotion. Through visual discoveries I seek to turn inward and bring awareness to the essential rhythms that flow through all entities.

Color acts as an important vehicle to direct the eye, delineate space, and enliven the spirit. In my paintings, color creates pattern and vibration. The color takes on an enhanced or exaggerated form to stimulate a heightened awareness and emotive quality. Color provides temperature, movement, and electricity that amplifies water as life force. Years of plein air painting has prepared me to work with gestural marks and bold colors to bring back the open air feeling into my studio paintings. The realistic representation pulls and plays against the loose abstract color marks and patterns. I use color to transform the viewer’s encounter with place and provide a positive consciousness shift.

I believe there is a state where awareness merges with the object, and only the experience remains. I want to blur the boundaries between self and setting. My paintings strive toward unifying the self by making the viewer more aware of the subtle and profound elemental systems that operate around and through each of us. I seek to portray not only the "object" or "thing", but more essentially, I explore the energies that move and connect all things together.








Blue Charge




Nature Mandala 11





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