Justin Bernhardt



Weather Machine City Haze Nexus City Heat Silver Streets Mirage Forest Drive
Cityscapes survival Game Urban Tangle Street Wild Interaction Path Windy City
Syncopation Carlot Downtown Kalamazoo Sleepless Traffic Flow Boston Walkbridge Orange Bridge
Commute Element Before and After Pfyzer Factory Reserve Urban Growth Crossing
Growth Scattered Light Living City Intertwine Urban Web The Line Flight


This is a look at the artificial environments we have created to live in.

It is an exploration of the collision and cohesion between the organic and the machined.


Artist Statement

This series of cityscape paintings depicts the reciprocal influence of the human made places with the natural environment and us.  I want to present an awareness of the interconnectedness between the human made place and the elemental place and natural phenomena.  In much of the work there exists a dialogue with these distinct but ever mingling places.  There are at times tangles of branches in the city almost like communication lines or thought waves.  I hope to give a sense that our actions and even our thoughts effect the environment and those surrounding us.  We are not set apart from the ecosystems; we are now a big part of virtually every such system and must take responsibility for our actions. 

We “are” the space we inhabit. Depending upon our mindset, anywhere can be seen as having subtle relationships in a larger matrix, and in everything beauty can be found. In the city, or in “working environments” we often loose touch with the greater force and esthetic that moves all things. These paintings are an attempt to rekindle our child-like wonder and evoke awareness to the vibrant and awe inspiring energies that surround and flow through us in any environment.









Blue Charge




Nature Mandala 11





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